What to expect

SCARESVILLE 2018 will run from Wed 3 Oct to Sat 3 Nov 2018


Entering in groups, visitors follow a winding, dimly lit route through buildings, woods, gardens and parkland.  Scares and unsettling experiences might be encountered anywhere, at any time en route. 

Hear the screams (and laughter) of groups ahead of you. 
Above you, the night sky.  Below, the earth.  Next to you... who knows?

The experience changes each year to keep you guessing, and may alter nightly.

Eight (or more) is great

Make up a group of between 8 and 12 people to maximise your scare experience.  Book for 8 to 12 people in one transaction to take advantage of the extra group discount.   You'll enjoy seeing your friends scared... as long as you're not screaming the loudest!

Don't worry if you can't muster a group of 8 - book between 1 and 7 people and we will add others to make up a full group. But remember each group must stay together at all times.  At Scaresville we scare groups not individuals.

See our FAQs for group and booking information.

Make a night of it!

Calm your nerves before and after your trip into the Scarezone with a hot snack or meal at one of our spooky snack sites.  


After your trip through the ScareZone, visit our late night haunt Bar-Baric offering snacks, warming drinks and strong pick-me-ups to the sounds of our Halloween-inspired playlist.  

Think it might not be scary?  Think again...

What last year's Scaresville victims said...


   "Awesome - very scary - ScreamTastic!"
   "Very scary, I cried 
   "Spent half of it not daring to look!"

   "I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight."

   "Nightmare from start to finish - so good work"
   "Really great night, I haven't laughed so much in ages"

   "Was awesome!  No other comment needed!"
   "Excellent night out - made a great work outing"
   "Very scary but funny at the same time.  Excellent."
   "Lost my voice from screaming!  Loved every moment!!"

   "I'm exhausted.  Great nite."
   "Very scary.  Sorry about my bad language."
   "Not for the faint hearted - bring tena-lady"

   "We come every year and it is still terrifying."

   "Absolutely fantastic!  Scary fut fun - the scarers were b* brill :-)"
   "It was amazing - I have to come here again."
   "Loved every minute, screamed more than last year."
   "I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've done"
   "Can't wait to bring friends next year!"

Don't just take their word for it... come and see for yourself