Scaresville FAQs

Scaresville Scream

Preparation (6)

Your whole group can arrive up to half an hour before your booked time band, and must arrive before half-way through your booked time band, in order to have time to check-in. 

The earlier you arrive the earlier you will be let in during your appointed timeband. If you miss your time band you'll have to wait until the the following time band - if there is room in that time band. If you miss your day - that's devilish bad luck.  There are no refunds.

Bring appropriate clothing & footwear - Scaresville continues whatever the weather and the majority of the route is outside.  

If there has been a lot of rain it can get quite muddy, and October nights can be quite cold.  Dress for the weather to be expected and the likely ground conditions underfoot. 

Warm and waterproof clothes are advisable.  In the interests of safety, please do not bring umbrellas.

Please don't bring food or alcoholic drink onto the site. We will be serving food and drinks before you go enter the ScareZone.

Post-scare you can enjoy our special drinks to calm your shattered nerves in BAR-baric.

You may bring a low value torch but only use it to avoid scares as below.

We make much use of the dark .  We light your route with very minimal lighting which means that when you are moving through the dark or near dark you should take special care.   Shining a torch may destroy the very effect we try to create.  

If you, or anyone in your group, does show a light, of any sort including a mobile phone light, we may take that as an indication that your whole group wants to avoid scares.  Scares may not then operate, though we cannot guarantee this. We'll try to conduct your group off the Scarezone as soon as we can.

You may if you wish to do so.  However, while you may wear face paint if you want, please do not wear masks.  Remember that you must stay with your group at all times.

The clue is in the name.  ScaresVille.  It is scary, but fun.  It is too much for some visitors who ask to leave and can wait for the rest of their party in the café.  Big blokes have been known to hide behind their girlfriends and brash young men try to climb up the wall.

ScaresVille is a Scare Attraction, designed to thrill and excite.

It is scary.  You may well have nightmares.  But don't blame us, you chose to come!

Groups (5)

You will travel around Scaresville in a group of 8-12 people.  Book an entire, exclusive group for discounted rates, plus you get to watch your friends scream!  We limit group size to between eight and twelve as we aim to scare groups not individuals. 

If you book for less than 8 people, you will be teamed up with other parties to make a group of 8-12 and you must stay with them, even if you don't know them!

If you are booking for more than twelve people, you will need to make two or more bookings.  If you can split your total numbers into separate groups of 8 or more.  If you end up with a group of less than 8, be prepared to have additional people added to that group to meet our minimum size of eight persons or, better still get more friends to join you.  

If you are booking for more than 24 people, please call Scare HQ (01787 310207) as you will be entitled to an extra discount.  But you will still need to split your party into groups of 8 to 12.

Yes.  You can book a single ticket or two or three, etc. To go round the Scarezone, we shall join you with others to make up a group of between 8 and 12. You must remain together with this group throughout the Scaresville experience as scares will not operate for individuals or couples going ahead or dropping behind their group.

Select your Day and Time on the booking page, if we are 'Sold Out' click the 'Use a GroupCode' link that will appear.  If we are not sold out you will be able to enter the GroupCode during the checkout process.

You may only join a group in a Sold Out time if the group has 8 or more people already.  Groups have a maximum of 12 people.

GroupCodes are given to all bookings, you may share this code to allow other people booking to join onto your group.

If your group gets 8 or more people then we won't add any strangers, and you will also be able to add people to your group even if we are Sold Out. Maximum per group is 12.

On The Night Practicalities (9)

The Scaresville experience is designed to take approximately an hour  from the time when you enter the Scarezone.  On certain nights, you may be held up by slow-moving groups ahead but we try to minimise the effect of this.  

If you are booking a taxi to collect you after the experience please note that you might not enter the ScareZone until the end of the timeband that you have booked for, so please allow for entering then, for perhaps not exiting for an hour and a quater and add another ten/fifteen minutes for going to the loo and getting back to the entrance.  May be better for you to wait for the taxi than to have the taxi waiting around for you or leaving the driver having decided you were not coming.

You will walk the entire route, so please come prepared prepared to walk without a break for in hour or so.  Proceed everywhere with caution; you don't know what we may have in store for you... Please try not to run, as it will be dark and you may not be able to see your footing easily.

 The ground may be uneven and we smetimes make it deliberatly so or testing.  You need to decide before booking if you or any in your party may find this too testing or difficult.

Groups are put into the ScareZone at set intervals.  That interval should be maintained throughout.  However, groups may move at different speeds and a fast-moving group may catch a slow-moving one.

The group behind should always try to maintain its distance from the group ahead. Slow down or stop, wait and regulate the timings yourselves.  Enjoy the other group's screams and laughter without trying to watch or anticipate what may be scaring them !

Our Marshals are also on hand and will try to assist to avoid any bunching that may occur and that groups are kept suitably separated.  Please wait patiently if you are asked to do so.

The House and its immediate outbuildings are not used at all during Scaresville and will not be open.

Part of the route will be inside buildings but as much of the route will be outside.


When you return you can calm your nerves and warm your soul inside at BAR-baric, our late night bar.

There will be a variety of food and drink available for you to enjoy before you go round.


When you return from the Scaresville route you can enjoy a post-scare drink and a bite to eat in BAR-baric to warm the depths of your soul and help your heartbeat recover


See our Food and Drink page for more information.

Yes, you may purchase alcoholic drinks from our bar, BAR-baric, to calm your nerves after your visit around Scaresville.  For Scaresville 2017 we may well sell a limited selection of alcohol at a catering point before you go round.  

Please note that for safety reasons and the comfort of other visitors, we reserve the right not to admit any person to Scaresville who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

We will NOT admit anyone that appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We reserve the right to deny entry to the Scareszone to anyone under the influence or drink or drugs or who displays aggressive or unacceptable antagonistic behaviour.

We do not permit any filming or photography at all within the Scaresville ScareZone.  Scaresville is designed to be enjoyed in the dark; any light-sources, beyond the ones we strategically place, will destroy it for you and for others.  Life seen and experienced through your own eyes is far better than through a lens!  There are a couple of designated #screamselfie areas, where you are welcome to use our props for your own pics; these are at the Unfairground (before you enter the ScareZone) and in the BarBaric Bar (after the ScareZone).

Scares (2)

Scaresville changes each year, however some 'old fabourites' remain but may be improved. Entirely new scares or the way  we present scares are introduced each year.  However many years you may have visited Scaresville we still aim to surprise you.  

Please note not all scares may operate every night.


If you become too scared, you can leave early. Seek directions from a marshal or scarer who can direct you towards the easiest route to leave by. Please note that once you have left your group you cannot rejoin them.

If you show (or anyone in your group shows) a light we take that as an indication that you want to avoid scares and some (we cannot guarantee all) scares may not then operate.

Scream Team (3)

YES!  We are currently recruiting volunteer scarers, marshalls and other behind-the-scenes helpers.  To be part of our Scream Team please sign up by clicking here... 

New members of the Scream Team will need to commit to attending a Scare Academy evening in September, plus our dress rehearsal and three nights or more of scaring. Over 18s only please.

We think scaring is twice as much fun as being scared!  Whether you agree or not, you will not know till you've tried it.

Yes.  We have a range of behind-the-scenes roles from lighting and sound  to costumes and make-up - it all adds to the scare experience and is just as crucial as scaring.

If you are over 18 and would like to take part, please register your details here:

We usually have a vacancy of some sort to fill, it may be for our catering, bar, marshalling or front-of-house areas.  You can even come along to Scare!

All vacancies, paid and voluntary, are advertised on Kentwell Hall's Jobs Page - click here to visit the page.

When is it darkest ? (1)

It is darkest on an overcast night when there is no moon.  Even when there is a moon, even a full moon, it can be dark until the moon is fully risen.  Check the weather, the phase of the moon and when it rises on the day you have in mind - but remember time slots sell fast, so don't leave it too long to book!  Apart from that, once it's dark it's dark!

Booking (7)

All nights offer much the same experience. Fridays and Saturdays, and the nights nearest Halloween itself are always most popular, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Other nights, especially week nights in the first week may be less busy but this offers a better chance for groups to keep a good distance from each other and thus a more spooky experience.

The preview weekend and selected Sunday and Wednesday nights have significant price reductions, particularly if you book online.

When you book into a time band, it means that you will enter Scaresville at some point during that particular hour.

We issue tickets as you arrive on the night, so early arrivals for that time band will enter earliest during the hour, and late arrivals will enter last.

For example, if you book for the 7pm-8pm time band you may enter the ScareZone at 7pm if you arrive early, but you might not enter until nearly 8pm, depending on how many groups arrive before you.

Scaresville is an adult event. We strongly advise that Scaresville is not suitable for children aged under 14. If a child or young person appears seriously frightened we may ask the parent or guardian to take the child out.

Those aged under 18 must be accompanied by an adult over 21 years of age.

We advise that Scaresville is not suitable for those that are pregnant, have a heart condition or are frail.

There is over one hour of constant walking involved.  You will jump.  You will be surprised.  You will be scared.  

If you are of a sensitive disposition, Scaresville may not be for you.

Please note that strobe lighting will be used during the route.

Scaresville is unsuitable for wheelchairs.  Many areas are unsuitable for those not steady on their feet. If you, or any member of your party have a significant disability of any sort, please contact Scare HQ before booking.

Click here for our full Terms and Conditions.

Booking will open on 1st August at 12 noon.


Anyone under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult over 21 AT ALL TIMES during the visit.  We may ask for proof of age.

Should any child request to leave the ScareZone, they must be accompanied by an adult.  If there is only one adult accompanying the group, all under-18s in that group will be asked to leave the ScareZone.

Remember, we strongly advise that Scaresville is not suitable for children aged under 14.


There are no refunds.  However, if you give us at least 48 hours notice before your booked time we may try to alter your's or your group's booking to another time band or another day but we cannot guarantee this.   If you don't come on the night for which you booked, that's your loss.