Scaresville Tickets

SCARESVILLE 2018 will run from Wed 3 Oct to Sat 3 Nov 2018


How It Works - Please READ before booking

  • Choose your evening - Preview Nights 3 & 4 Oct cheapest plus First Weekend  Nights 5, 6 & 7 Oct 
  • Choose your time band 
  • Invite your friends to form a group
  • Book the tickets
  • Attend & Scream

We scare groups

Visitors go round in groups of 8 to 12.  We do not scare groups of fewer than 8.  You may book individual tickets, but if you book fewer than 8, others will be added to your group. 

If you book your own group of 8 to 12 tickets in a single transaction you will receive a group discount. 

It is possible to invite others to join your booking, to build up a group of at least 8 of your own. This will ensure your friends go round with you.  Give the group code from your receipt to your friends to use when they book.   Once your group reaches 8 people, your group will become exclusive and you will travel through the ScareZone with no extra people added.  However, you only get the group booking price if you book at 8 or more at the same time, in one booking.

If your group ends with fewer than 8 people, others will be added to your group or you will be added to another group, to make up a final group of about 10. 

All groups must stay together at all times when moving from Scare to Scare.  

Parties of More Than 12

Scaresville is great for Hen Party groups, work outings, clubs and the like!  However, you cannot book more than 12 in a party on line.  

If you want to book for more than 12 people, you have two options:

• Book several groups of 8 to 12 and get the standard group discount for each group.  Discounts for booking 8 to 12 at one time are applied automatically when you enter the number of tickets.

• Book for 25 or more more by calling the Scare Office (01787 310207, 9am to 5pm) to claim the Monster group discount available for bigger groups.  Whatever the size of your total party it will be split into smaller  groups of no more than 12, to go round the ScareZone.

NB If your big party is split into smaller groups the individual groups will not enter the Scareszone one after the other, but will have a separate group inserted inbetween. This is to prevent your groups merging to make a large and unwieldy group which would spoil the enjoyment of all - we only scare groups of 8 to 12!

Scaresville Entry Time Bands

We admit groups in turn at set intervals during each time band to enter the Scarezone.

Every booking is for a set time band, e.g. '8pm to 9pm'.  We aim for you to enter the ScareZone at some point in that time band, the actual time depends how many others have arrived before you. The earlier your whole group is assembled to collect their tickets on the night, the closer to the start of the time band you will enter the ScareZone.

Your time in the ScareZone will last approximately 60 minutes from the time you enter - though this cannot be guaranteed.

Book Online and Book Early for Good Prices


The first weekend Friday 5th to Sunday 7th is not only the cheapest weekend but you'll be the equivalent of first-nighters.

Discounts for booking 8 to 12 tickets in a group are automatically applied at the checkout.

Book early to ensure your preferred date and time band. Popular days and times sell out.  You may book online up to 4pm on the night of your visit.  We also may have tickets available to buy at the Gate, but this cannot be guaranteed - nights do sell out! Check on the day.

If the window says 'Unavailable' when you try to book online, it mean that no tickets are currently available for that time band ot that we have completely sold out.  Try another time band or a different day.

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that everyone in your group is made aware of the advice below and read our Terms & Conditions.  It is the responsibility of the ticket booker to make all others in their group aware of the Terms and Conditions - we have them for a reason!

No Refunds

We do not give refunds though we may, at our discretion, and given at least 48 hours notice before your booked time, change your booking to another date or time.  If you don't attend on the night for which you booked, you will miss out - your tickets will not be eligible for any other night.


Scaresville goes ahead whatever the weather, so come prepared for the cold and wet and wear suitable footwear - it can become very muddy underfoot. Do not use umbrellas.


This event is neither designed nor intended for children.  It is not suitable for children under 14.  All under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21 at all times.  Please bring your younger children to our Halloweenies daytime event instead.

Pregnancy, Nervous dispositions and Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting, confined spaces, loud noises and unexpected happenings will be used during Scaresville.  Scaresville is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have a condition that might react badly to being scared, are claustrophobic or are of a nervous, easily frightened disposition.

Infirm and slow-moving Visitors

Groups need to keep moving at a steady pace.  If any in your group are slow-moving individuals we may suggest they omit certain more challenging areas to rejoin the group later.  This will be for the benefit of the whole group.

No Touching

Visitors must not touch scarers, dummies or props.

No Alcohol; No Smoking; No Vapes

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on site at any time.  This includes e-cigarettes and 'vapes'.

Those who appear to be under the influence of drink or drugs will not be admitted to Scaresville.  Bringing alcohol into Scaresville is not permitted.  Alcohol with limited choice may be available at a catering point but the main Bar is accessible for visitors only after they have completed their visit to the ScareZone.   

Booking for others

If you book for others it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone in your group is aware of the above advice concerning staying with the group at all times, no touching, weather, children, pregnancy, nervous dispositions, strobe lighting, limited mobility, smoking, alcohol, etc. 

Click here for our full Terms and Conditions.

Buying tickets on the night 

Scaresville nights do sell out, especially on weekend nights.  Even so some tickets may be available on the gate. Check before you travel.  Book in advance to guarantee the night and time of your choice!

Are you brave enough?