Scaresville 2017

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Current Prices for Standard Entry

Group Ticket prices will be lower than these, once discounts are applied. Prices will increase towards the date, and the most popular slots will sell out. Some tickets may be available on the night at the prices shown on the Ticket Details page.
KEY: Colour indicates price bracket. ** indicates low availability. Italic indicates not currently available for purchase.
19.00 to 20.0020.00 to 21.0021.00 to 22.0022.00 to 22.30
Wed 4 OctSOLD OUT865318SOLD OUT865319SOLD OUT865322-
Thu 5 OctSOLD OUT866318SOLD OUT866319SOLD OUT866322-
Fri 6 Oct£27.00869318£27.50869319£27.00869322-
Sat 7 Oct£28.50867318£29.50867319£28.50867322£28.50867337
Sun 8 Oct£21.50868318£22.50**868319£21.50868322-
Tue 10 Oct£22.50871318£23.50871319£22.50871322-
Wed 11 Oct£22.50872318£23.50872319£22.50872322-
Thu 12 Oct£22.50873318£23.50873319£22.50873322-
Fri 13 Oct£29.50874318£30.50874319£29.50874322£29.50874337
Sat 14 Oct£29.50875318£30.50**875319£29.50875322£29.50875337
Sun 15 Oct£25.50876318£26.50876319£25.50876322-
Tue 17 Oct£25.50877318£26.50877319£25.50877322-
Wed 18 Oct£25.50878318£26.50878319£25.50878322-
Thu 19 Oct£28.00879318£28.50879319£28.00879322-
Fri 20 Oct£29.50880318£30.50**880319£29.50**880322£29.50**880337
Sat 21 Oct£29.50**881318SOLD OUT881319£29.50**881322SOLD OUT881337
Sun 22 Oct£28.00882318£28.50882319£28.00882322-
Mon 23 Oct£28.00884318£28.50884319£28.00884322-
Tue 24 Oct£28.00885318£28.50885319£28.00885322-
Wed 25 Oct£28.00886318£29.50886319£28.00886322-
Thu 26 Oct£29.50887318£30.50887319£29.50887322-
Fri 27 OctSOLD OUT888318£33.00**888319£33.00**888322£33.00888337
Sat 28 Oct£33.00**889318£34.00**889319£33.00**889322£33.00**889337
Sun 29 Oct£24.50890318£25.50**890319£24.50890322-
Tue 31 Oct£33.00891318£34.00**891319£33.00**891322£33.00891337
Wed 1 Nov£22.50892318£23.50892319£22.50892322-
Thu 2 Nov£22.50893318£23.50893319£22.50893322-
Fri 3 Nov£29.50894318£30.50894319£29.50894322£29.50894337
Sat 4 Nov£29.50895318£30.50895319£29.50895322£29.50895337