This year we are excited to add an alternate story to our Rapid Escape Cabin in our Unfairground. You and your team mates will have 5 minutes to find clues, solve the puzzles and find the key to Escape The Cabin before your time is up.

Join forces with your friends and accept the challenge – a lot can happen in 5 minutes!

You can add an Escape The Cabin group ticket to your basket when you purchase your Scaresville tickets using the Book Now button.


A group ticket is £20 for 4-6 people (from £3.33 pp).

Spaces are extremely limited with only 8 slots per hour. Booking in advance is highly recommended. 

What is a Rapid Escape Cabin/Room?

An escape cabin is a race against time. Teams of 4-6 people will have 5 minutes to see if they can solve the clues and puzzles in the cabin to open the exit door. We will have prizes for the fastest groups each week and across all 31 days of Scaresville!


Griselda, one of the inhabitants of the original village on this site, has always had a cabin in the woods. The sort of cabin that locals warn you not to go near. The sort of cabin that they tell stories about... Griselda has gone out witching, and now is your chance to take a sneak peak inside. What can you find in 5 minutes? What secrets can you uncover? More importantly once you are inside, can you get out before you are cursed?

Escape the Cabin - MIN'D

Our brand new second game. Beat the clock and escape the mineshaft before your darkest fears escape the depths.

Doomsday Games

We have developed this experience in association with Doomsday Games, our very clever and resourceful friends from Colchester. If you enjoy HEXEN, you can check out one of their longer games. They can be found  at www.doomsdaygames.co.uk

On The Night

You can add an Escape The Cabin group ticket to your Scaresville booking, so 4-6 of your friends can tackle the puzzles together. If you are a group of 8 why not compete against each other as teams of 4? After checking in on entrance for your Scareville group allocation, you will need to check into the Cabin to be given your Escape time slot. You will then be given a time slot at which to return for your briefing. Don’t worry your Scaresville group will not be called for entry until you have completed your Escape experience.

Escape The Cabin FAQs

  • How can I book an Escape Cabin Session?

    Please follow the link to Book tickets. Tickets are bought alongside your main Scaresville ticket. One ticket is for one group of up to 6 people. If you have already bought a Scaresville ticket you can buy your Escape The Cabin group ticket separately for the same time slot.

  • I have already bought my Scaresville ticket, am I too late?

    If you have already bought a Scaresville ticket you can buy your Escape The Cabin group ticket separately for the same time slot.

  • Do I need a Scaresville ticket to play?

    In order to gain access to the site and Escape The Cabin you either need to be buying in the same transaction, or to have already bought previously, a Scaresville entrance ticket.

  • I have booked/will book a Scaresville entry time band, at what time will I play Escape The Cabin?

    There are 8 Escape The Cabin slots for each hour long entry time band. You may add these to your booking if there is availability in your slot. Much like your Scaresville group we will allocate Escape The Cabin slots on the night based on your arrival time.

  • What time should I arrive?

    Please arrive at Scaresville when you normally would for your Scaresville session- so up to 15 minutes before your entry timeslot. Once you arrive go straight to book in your slot at the Cabin Escape. You will need to have a briefing 10 minutes before your session starts.