Scaresville - The Haunted Village

SCARESVILLE 2018 will run from Wed 3 Oct to Sat 3 Nov 2018


Scaresville is a haunted village which mysteriously appears in the grounds of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk every autumn. It is one of Britain's Top and MOST ORIGINAL Scare Attractions. There's no venue like Scaresville and no comparable range of scares as to be encounterd at Scaresville, the current winner of a prestigious Screamie Award.


How It Works

  • Choose your evening - best when there's no moon ! 
  • Choose your time band - you should enter at some time during ithowever long or short each time band, your 'trip' will be about the same length.
  • Invite your friends to form a group - if you book 8 in one booking, no one else will be added to your group.  If you book fewer others will be added to make a group of up to 12. 
  • Book the tickets
  • Attend & Scream
  • Simple isn't it ?

You'll enjoy (??!) an unbroken trip lasting about an hour of pure adrenaline-heightened tension as you journey through dark rooms, across open ground or water, through forest and garden.  There is no let up; no 'safe' zones in which to recover; no trailer-rides.  By the time you leave, you will be exhausted from screaming and laughing so much as we meddle with your mind. Find out more.

It could be the most stimulating hour of your life.

Which Night to choose ?  Weekday tickets are cheaper than Friday & Saturday nights and earlier in the month weekday tickets are cheapest of all and can be more scary as its full moon later in the month


  • Scaresville takes place after dark in almost complete darkness.

  • It is not for those who are squeamish, pregnant, claustrophobic, frail or faint-hearted. 

  • Strobe lights, confined spaces and loud noises will be used at times.
  • Not for nothing is It called 'ScaresVille' ...

You have been warned!   Do you dare?

Scaresville is NOT suitable for under 14s

Scaresville is not designed for, or intended for, children

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (over 21 years of age)

See our
FAQs for further information

Don't Miss out on the Cheaper Nights

Slots for the two preview nights (cheapest of all) and the first weekend (the cheapest weekend) are filling up fast.  Those cheap prices won't last long ! You may also enjoy our scarers at their freshest and best then.

Cheapest Scareville Time Slots

The cheapest time slots od all are on the two Preview Nights. Yes, these Preview Nights are dress rehearsals and may reveal some niggle but dress rehearsals are often better than the real thing as everyone is keen to impress on their first performance.  The first weekend has also the cheapest weekend slots.


We are exploring having a (very) few Fast Track times in each time slot for pre-booked gourops of 8 or more who would like to enter the Scarezone at any time in their Time Band.  This will be available at an extra cost of £5 per person in the group.

This may be available when you book but if not call Scare HQ for details.