Scaresville 2014 - The Haunted Village

What is Scaresville?

Scaresville is a haunted village that mysteriously appears in the grounds of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk every autumn. It is one of Britain's Top Scare Attractions, and previous winner of a prestigious Screamie Award.

Visit Scaresville at your peril! You'll enjoy (!!??) over an hour of pure adrenaline, as you journey through dark rooms, forests and open farmland. There is no let up: no stewards giving instructions; no 'safe' zones in which to recover; no trailer-laden parties. By the time you leave you will be exhausted from screaming (and laughing) so much.  Find out more.

Put the dates in your diary now for 2014!  Scaresville will run on selected dates from Friday 10th October to Saturday 1st November.



Scaresville takes place after dark in almost (but not quite) complete darkness.  It is not for the squeamish, pregnant, frail or faint-hearted.  Strobe lights and loud noises will be used during the route. You have been warned! Do you Dare?

We advise that Scaresville is NOT suitable for under 14s. Scaresville is not designed or intended for children. See our FAQs for further information.

This what visitors have said about Scaresville 2013

Scaresville 2013, OH MY WORD, Last year i wrote that my wife nearly ripped the coat off my back,  this year she succeeded. Best night out of the year. Funniest part was when my wife was running on the spot with her face buried in her hands, screaming at the scarer, “why are you breathing like that, why are you breathing like that”.  At the end when we were waiting to leave, people behind us were putting their hoods up and scaring her as well.  ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT NIGHT OUT!  Thanks to all scarers, staff and Mr & Mrs Phillips for a great time.Cant wait for next year.  From Paul

"Best night ever. Better than last year."
"[Its] such a fun and terrifying night. Will be back near year for the 5th year running"
"Scaresville gets me so bad ever time. OMG."
"It was amazing. Actors were AWESOME"
"Whole night was amazing"
"Brilliant, exhausting, love it."
"Brilliantly set up, layout good. Dark areas absolutely pictch black !"
"It was absolutely fantastic and really great value for money."

Don't just take their word for it. Watch them scream!

Scaresville 2014...

2013 was a year of screams and storms!  A massive thank you to the staff and volunteers for their hard work, and of course, to our visitors for the screams!  

We're already working to make Scaresville 2014 better than ever, so put the dates in your diary now!  Scaresville 2014 will run on selected nights from 10th October - 1st November 2014.


We awoke on Monday morning the 18th to a howling wind and to see ancient trees falling (9 in the Avenue drive alone) and our Unfairground flattened. Almost immediately we lost electricity and that meant as well no telephone, no computers and no water.  That was scary !