Scaresville 2015 - The Haunted Village



What is Scaresville?

Scaresville is a haunted village that mysteriously appears in the grounds of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk every autumn. It is one of Britain's Top Scare Attractions, and previous winner of a prestigious Screamie Award.

Visit Scaresville at your peril!  

You'll enjoy (??!) over an hour of pure adrenaline as you journey through dark rooms, forests and open farmland.  There is no let up; no 'safe' zones in which to recover; no trailer-rides.  By the time you leave, you will be exhausted from screaming and laughing so much.   Find out more.


Scaresville is best visited with a group of friends - enjoy seeing them get scared!  Book an entire, exclusive group ticket for 8 to 12 people for discounted rates.  If you are fewer than eight, you will join others on the night to form your ScareZone group.

Scaresville takes place after dark in almost (but not quite) complete darkness.

It is not for the squeamish, pregnant, frail or faint-hearted.  Strobe lights and loud noises will be used during the route.

You have been warned!   Do you dare?

Scaresville is NOT suitable for under 14s. Scaresville is not designed for, or intended for, children.

See our FAQs for further information.

Scaresville 2014 victims said...

"Best night out - want to rewind and do it again!   Exhausted from the copious scares and laughter, many thanks Scaresville.  We’ll sleep well tonight… we hope."  
"I was definitely the target at Scaresville. Literally, feared for my life."

"2nd time for me and it was fab, I had my eyes closed most of the time...nearly gave me a heart attack lol - watching scarers chase three men who were screaming like girls - excellent!  Well done."

"Such a husky voice the day after visiting Scaresville.  Squealed and squealed.  Had such a great night, not screamed or laughed so much in all my life."

"...I screamed and screamed and screamed and laughed so much I wanna do it all over again. Getting ready for nightmares tonight I know I won't sleep without seeing clowns everywhere!  Cant wait for next year. It was the best.

"2scared2sleep.  Damn it you got me."

"Really good laugh.  Best to borrow some screamy teenagers for maximum enjoyment"

Don't just take their word for it...

Not long now...

Last chance!

Last chance to ‪#‎getyourscaryon‬ at Scaresville 2015!