Your adrenaline is pumping, your heart is beating loud in your chest, you can see shadowy figures moving towards you in the darkness… and then, and then, and then… YOU make them SCREAM, and laugh, and scream!! You retreat silently back into your hiding place until the next group comes along, a big smile on your face.


If you enjoyed your visit to Scaresville, why not think about joining us behind the scenes for this year’s event? Each year we recruit for volunteer Scarers, as well as paid Marshals, catering and bar staff, performers, set builders and prop makers. To register your interest please fill in the enquiry form below.  We begin our recruitment process in August each year, but feel free to sign up to the list any time!

My whole family have had so much fun as scarers at Scaresville for the last three years and we can’t wait until October to do it all again! Sometimes we’re together and other times scaring individually, but either way it’s fun to meet up at the end of the night and share stories of our best scares! There’s no better thrill than jumping out on a cocky/brave adult man in a group with his mates and making him fall over because he’s so scared! Beth ,Volunteer Scarer

I love taking part in Scaresville because there is a great community and the atmosphere is fantastic! We get to meet up with people every year... New people that have joined the team and old faces who keep coming back year after year for a fun packed month of scaring visitors... Many use their Kentwell season passes they have earned to meet at other Kentwell events throughout the year. Julie ,Volunteer Scarer

Scares come in all shapes and sizes, all levels of activity (or inactivity) and there’s always been a place for me on the scare route. Scaresville values its team of scarers and they always do their utmost to accommodate their needs... Don’t let injury or disability prevent you from joining in the fun; whether you’re limited by a walking stick or a wheelchair, there’ll be a place for you at Scaresville. Pete ,Volunteer Scarer

Working behind the scenes at Scaresville means l am part of a great team of people who turn even the most ridiculous ideas into a reality. It’s a very exciting process to be involved in, knowing that thousands of people are going to experience our creations and have an experience they will never forget. Jo ,Set Design

When you are a marshal you have to be prepared that anything could happen, and then deal with it... We are in constant radio contact and responsible for keeping the flow of groups and looking out for our scarers. This keeps you busy all night, with just as much laughing as responsibility! Joanna ,Route Marshal

Scream Team FAQ

  • Can I become a Scarer if I have no experience?

    YES! No previous scaring or acting experience needed- just a sense of humour and enthusiasm. Over 18s only though please.

  • What do I need to commit to as a volunteer scarer?

    New members of the Scream Team will need to commit to attending a Scare Academy in September, plus our dress rehearsal and five nights or more of scaring.

  • I'd like to volunteer, but don't want to scare. Are there any other roles?

    Yes. We have a range of behind-the-scenes roles from marshalling to catering and bar work - it all adds to the scare experience and is just as crucial as scaring. If you are over 18 and would like to take part in one of these roles, please register your details by filling in our enquiry form

  • Is it fun?

    You bet! It is lots of fun, but it is also hard work. Many people will come after a full days work to scare for 4-5 hours, before going home and doing it all again the next day. Why do they do this? Because the andrenaline rush and enjoyment of hanging around in the dark to scare visitors just keeps you coming back.