Scaresville 2019 – the 13th Year of Fear is now closed. Thank you for all your screams and laughter. We will back, bigger and scarier, next year.


Ticket Types

Ticket Type Includes Prices from
Scaredy Cat Access to the Unfairground entertainment zone and Bar-baric bar only. NO SCARES. From £7
Scaresville An hour long immersive journey through the Scaresville scare zone, includes access to the Unfairground pre-scare and Bar-baric post scare. From £21.95
Scaresville RIP VIP All the benefits of the standard Scaresville ticket PLUS : o   Anytime check in before 9pm (no specific time slot required) o   Exclusive Director-led behind the scenes tour. o   Welcome back drink in Bar-baric to calm your nerves o   Scaresville VIP branded merchandise From £52.95


Looking for a team building outing, birthday or stag/hen do? We excel at helping groups feel closer - a lot closer! For groups up to 24 you should book all together online to qualify for the group booking discount that is applicable for 10+ people booking at once. Others can join your group later using a Group Code but be aware later separate bookings do not attract a group discount.

Monster Groups

For monster sized groups of 25 or more, call Scaresville HQ on 01787 310207 to discuss pricing and hospitality offerings. Why not book out a whole hour slot at Scaresville for your company outing and have exclusive use of the Unfairground before and a VIP area for drinks afterwards?

5min Escape Cabin

Expand your fun during your evening at Scaresville by having a go at 'Hexen', our Witchcraft themed rapid escape room, or the new miner's puzzle 'MIN'D'. Can you beat the clock and exit before your time is up? Available before or after your journey through Scaresville. Tickets on sale now!


  • What are Entry Time Bands?

    At booking stage you will have to choose your Entry Time band for the evening. This is the hour during which you are due to enter the Scarezone. When you arrive we will assign you an entry order. Those who arrive earliest will go in earliest etc. For example, if you book for the 7pm-8pm Entry Time Band you may enter the Scarezone at 7pm if you arrive early, but you might not enter until nearly 8pm, depending on how many groups arrive before you.

  • Why are there no child tickets?

    Scaresville is an adult event. We strongly advise that Scaresville is not suitable for children aged under 14. If a child or young person appears seriously frightened we may ask the parent or guardian to take the child out.

  • Can my 16 year old come with his/her friends or do I have to supervise them?

    All visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult over 21 years of age at all times. Should any under 18 year old request to leave the Scarezone, they must be accompanied by an adult. If there is only one adult accompanying the group, all under-18s in that group will be asked to leave the Scarezone.

  • I’m pregnant/have a weak heart/am frail/disabled. Can I still come?

    Scaresville is not suitable for those that are pregnant, have a heart or photosensitive condition or are frail. Strobe lighting, smoke and other sound and light effects will be used throughout the route. There is over one hour of constant walking involved. You will jump. You will be surprised. You will be scared. If you are of a sensitive disposition, Scaresville may not be for you. If you think you might struggle to walk for an hour comfortably, climb over obstacles and over uneven ground, Scaresville may not be for you. Unfortunately Scaresville is unsuitable for wheelchairs. If you, or any member of your party have a significant disability of any sort, please contact Scare HQ before booking.

  • I cannot make it to Scaresville. Can I get a refund?

    There are no refunds. However, if you give us at least 48 hours notice before your booked time we may be able to reschedule your booking.

  • What size group should I bring?

    We scare groups. You will travel around Scaresville in a group of 8-12 people. We advise people that it is best to book an entire, exclusive group. Not only will you get cheaper tickets, you will get to watch your friends scream! If you book for less than 8 people, you will be teamed up with other parties to make a group of 8-12 and you must stay with them, even if you don't know them.

  • How do I book for more than twelve people?

    If you are booking for more than 12 people, you will need to make two or more bookings. If you end up with a group of less than 8, be prepared to have additional people added to that group to meet our minimum group size, or, better still get more friends to join you. If you are booking for more than 24 people, please call Scare HQ (01787 310207 (tel:01787 310207) ) as you will be entitled to an extra discount.

  • Can we book for less than eight people?

    Yes. You can book a single ticket or any number you wish. Just be warned as we scare groups we shall join you up with others on the night to make up a group of between 8 and 12. You must remain together with this group throughout the Scaresville experiencE.

  • What are GroupCodes?

    GroupCodes are given to all bookings. Share it with your friends and they can use it to join your group directly. If your group reaches 8 or more people then we won't add any strangers, and you will also be able to add people to your group even if we are Sold Out. Maximum per group is 12.

  • How do I join a group using a GroupCode?

    Select your Day and Time on the booking page, if we are 'Sold Out' click the 'Use a GroupCode' link that will appear. If we are not Sold Out you will be able to enter the GroupCode during the checkout process. You may only join a group in a Sold Out time if the group has 8 or more people already. Groups have a maximum of 12 people.

  • What the different ticket types you now offer?

    For our 13th year we have introduced different levels of ticket to allow more people to experience Scaresville. Our main Scaresville ticket is much the same as last year, but this year we offer a no-scares ScaredyCat ticket for those who wish to avoid being sacred and a Scaresville RIP VIP ticket to have the special VIP treatment, with more flexibility on arrival time and enjoy a peek behind the curtain.

  • Who is the ScaredyCat ticket for?

    Our ScaredyCat ticket includes access to the Unfairground entertainment zone. Which on selected nights will feature fire performers, magicians, bearded ladies, acrobats and side shows. It also gives access to our post scare bar, BAR-baric, so that you may wait for your family or friends with a warming drink. BAR-baric is where groups may choose to recant stories of their bravery and acts of daring-do as they withstood the onslaught of the Scaresville inhabitants! Please note this ticket DOES NOT give access to the Scarezone, and ticket holders will not be allowed access to any other areas.

  • Who is the standard Scaresville ticket for?

    This is the main event, and the ticket that you know and love from last year. This includes all access to the Unfairground and BAR-baric as you get with the ScaredyCat ticket, but also entry to the Scaresville ScareZone. The award winning hour long immersive live action journey through the haunted village of Scaresville, which for our 13th year promises to be a cracker!

  • Who is the standard Scaresville RIP VIP ticket for?

    We wanted to offer a bit more in response to some visitors wanting a more all inclusive experience. This RIP VIP ticket allows you to turn up any time before 9pm to check in, you do not have to turn up within a fixed hour Entry Time Band. You will be allocated into the time band in which you check in. You will enjoy access to the Unfairground, BAR-baric post scare bar and the main event Scaresville Scarezone, just as you would with the standard Scaresville ticket. However, you will also receive a free welcome back drink in BAR-baric, exclusive RIP merchandise and you will get an exclusive behind the scenes tour. This tour will be from one of the directors of Scaresville who design each scare themselves, you will get the chance to see multiple scares in action and learn some of the secrets of Scaresville. These tickets are strictly limited to 40 places a night.